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Argyle Knee High

SKU: $8.00
Super soft sock made from 75% Orlon Acrylic, 25% nylon. Stretchy and comfy! One size fits mens/womens adult sizes. Machine wash warm, tumble dry. All about argyles.... Argyle knitwear became fashionable in England and then the USA after the first world war. Pringle of Scotland popularised the design, helped by its identification with the Duke of Windsor. The duke, like others, used this pattern for golf clothing: both for jerseys and for the long socks needed for the plus-fours trouser fashion of the day. The University of North Carolina men's basketball team jerseys have an argyle pattern on the sides. The Garmin-Slipstream professional cycling team is well known for the argyle they sport on their jerseys. They have been nicknamed the Argyle Armada as a result. Tl;Dr version - Argyles are established and cool. =)
Category:Argyles, Knee-Highs