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Sock Man Space Dye Anklet Sock

SKU: $10.00
What IS space dyeing? Space dyeing is a technique used to give fiber a unique, multi-colored effect. While a typical skein of fiber is the same color throughout, a skein of space dyed fiber is two or more different colors that typically repeat themselves throughout the length of the yarn. The secret to space dyeing involves the use of a special chemical called a "mordant". The purpose of a mordant is to help permanently set the dye to the fiber after the dyeing process. Since different colors of dye require different types of mordants, this makes it possible to dye the same skein of many different colors. Space dyed fibers can be dyed in either coordinating or contrasting shades. Space dyeing fibers in coordinating colors, such as various neutral tones or assorted shades of blue, provides a subtle yet sophisticated look. Space dyed fibers in contrasting shades, such as fiber that is orange, blue, and yellow, offers a funkier feel.